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Privacy Policy

PCFR (herein after referred to as the Company) believes that it is important to protect the privacy of all visitors to this website (herein after referred to as the Site). It is important to us that you, the client, consider our privacy policy and the treatment of your data as transparent and consumer friendly. This document sets out to explain this policy to you so that you are fully informed of the implications of using the Site.

This Privacy Policy will explain how we collect, use and disclose data that you provide as well as the data that is automatically provided by virtue of the connection to the swimming pool. Before connecting to the Site, submitting personal information or installing the PoolCopilot Bridge Module (herein after referred to as the Bridge) we urge you to familiarise yourself with our policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Once you have created a user account and registered your Bridge(s), our servers will begin to store the operating history of the connected pool. This data is used to provide the information that you will see when logging in to your account, or when an authorised person accesses your account. We undertake not to sell or share any personally identifiable data (herein after referred to as Personal Data) to a 3rd party for marketing or any other purposes. In addition, we will only use Personal Data for supporting the features that we offer to you. The Company will always give you the option to opt out of any contact messages.

This Privacy Policy is subject to periodic revision. Please check the Site for the most recent version.

User Information and Identification

The communication device used to connect your pool to the Site is the Bridge. In certain circumstances the owner of the swimming pool (herein after referred to as the Pool Owner) and the owner of the Bridge (herein after referred to as the Bridge Owner), may not be the same individual or company; an example of this where a pool maintenance company installs a Bridge and uses the Site to coordinate their maintenance schedule. When a Bridge is connected to a swimming pool, the Company assumes that the Bridge Owner has been authorised by the Pool Owner to act on their behalf and the Company can in no way be held responsible for any actions taken by the Bridge Owner. A Bridge Owner and a Pool Owner are granted the same user profile of Owner on the Site. The Owner is responsible for all Personal Data submitted on behalf of the Pool Owner.

A pool professional can request to be granted the user profile of Manager on the Site. This will enable him to manage a portfolio of swimming pools without necessarily being an Owner. This will be the profile commonly used by pool maintenance and management services. An Owner can designate a Manager from a pre-defined list of registered professionals available on the Site. The Manager will be entirely responsible for any actions taken on behalf of the Owner and it will be assumed that he has been authorised to do so by prior agreement with the Owner. The Company can in no way be held responsible for any actions taken by the Manager.

This Privacy Policy concerns all users of the site: Visitors, Owners and Managers. Each profile will have user specific contact information and may be linked to several swimming pools. No Personal Data will be shared with 3rd party companies for marketing purposes; however, the Company may employ or contract other companies or individuals to assist in the delivery of the PoolCopilot product. All internal and contract employees will be bound by confidentiality agreements required to protect Personal Data.


The flow of data begins as soon as the Bridge has been installed and configured. The upload of data is independent of whether or not the Owner has an active subscription or user account. This Privacy Policy is deemed to be accepted when the Bridge is installed. This agreement and acceptation applies to all users of the Site.

All users of the Site consent to the collection, disclosure, use and retention of Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy whenever the Site is accessed and whilst the Bridge is uploading data.

The Site is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 years without verifiable parental consent.

Collection of Personal Information

Using the Bridge, the Company will be able to collect, upload and store data from the pool. This continuously uploaded data is what enables users of the Site to remotely monitor and control their pools. This data will include both automated activities and user initiated activity as well as water quality measurements and status of all connected pool equipment. Some of this data will indicate Pool Owner habits and activities and will be uniquely associated with a specific pool and any linked accessories. For this reason the Company considers that data associated with an individual pool should be considered Personal Data and will be treated as such.

One of the features of the Site is that data and information collected may be used to calculate trends or alerts which can then be communicated to the Owner and Manager. The Company cannot be responsible for mistakes made in the input of information in the user account settings which may result in this communication not being received.

From time to time we may use some of the data collected from different pools and or user accounts to improve product reliability or features or to make studies of trends. In these cases any Personal Data will be removed and thus the data output will become anonymous and aggregate.

We may use the Personal Data associated with each pool and each user account to contact Owners and registered Managers with regards to important product information, updates and marketing offers. However, all users will have the option to specify and modify their communication preferences at any time.

All Personal Data collected by the Company becomes the property of the Company. The Owner will always have access to this data.

Automatic Collection of Information

As you navigate the Site, certain limited information can and may be collected automatically from you without your active involvement. Some of the information does not identify who you are. Other information may identify you indirectly.

During your visit to the Site we may send your computer one or more cookies. These cookies uniquely identify your computer and may be used improve the quality of our offering by storing your preferences and tracking related trends. You may configure your browser to refuse these cookies but bear in mind that some of the functionality and features of the site may no longer function correctly.

You should also know that the Company server will automatically record information from your browser when you visit the Site. The server logs may include information
regarding your visit to the site, the pages accessed, the IP address assigned to your computer, date and time of access etc. In addition, your swimming pool data and status is continuously being uploaded, recorded and stored via the data sent by your PoolCop. This is independent of whether or not you are active on the site.

Use of Information

The Company may not use your information for the improvement of its offering and the functionality of the Site except as otherwise stated at the point of collection.

The Company may transfer your information to third parties we use to support our business, and in this case we will require them to agree to treat your information according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. No Personal Data will be shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes unless agreed to in advance. Furthermore, the Company may transfer information in the following instances:

1. Sale or transfer of the business function of the Company, in which case the buyer or transferee will be required to accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

2. If required by subpoena or other valid court order.

3. If required to do so by regulatory authorities.

4. As otherwise permitted or required by the law.

You will always have the possibility of opting out of any disclosure or use of your Personal Data that is incompatible with the purposes for which it was originally collected.


We take reasonable measures, using industry standards, to protect your personal information and data against unauthorized access, use or modification. However, we cannot guarantee protection at all times and for this reason we advise you to carefully consider the information that you share with us.

Links to Other Websites

The Site may feature links to other third-party websites which are not necessarily affiliated with the Company. The inclusion of a link does not imply our endorsement of any other company, its website, its products or its services. These websites will not be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Company is not responsible or liable for the way in which these companies or websites operate.

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